Pierce Bainbridge defends businesses, executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, public officials, and other individuals around the world in a wide range of investigations and prosecutions. Because many of our matters involve sophisticated transactions and complex fact patterns concerning a broad array of different industries, our white-collar practice group draws upon the skills, resources, and unique experiences of all of the firm’s lawyers, including attorneys from other practice groups and from different offices. As a result, our attorneys are able to size up any matter efficiently, develop creative strategies, and respond immediately and in coordinated fashion in order to achieve our clients’ goals.

We have defended individuals in all stages of the criminal justice process, including in grand jury investigations, indicted cases, bail, pretrial motions, trials, sentencing, restitution, forfeiture, post-trial motions, and appeals, as well as in corporate internal investigations. We understand and empathize with our clients’ circumstances and firmly believe that every client deserves responsive counsel who will engage with the client and explain the process and our ideas. We do not rely on convention or routine strategies that have worked in other cases, but approach every matter with fresh eyes and with fierce devotion to achieving meaningful, favorable outcomes. Our attorneys are not intimidated by the prospect of trial, and in fact have tried many complex federal criminal cases as defense lawyers. Posing a credible threat of going to trial is also the most effective way to obtain favorable settlements.

Pierce Bainbridge attorneys have represented individuals and corporations in some of the most sophisticated and high-profile criminal matters that have been brought in recent years, and have involved issues relating to:

  • federal securities laws violations, including insider trading, market manipulation, inflating valuations, and “pay-to-play” schemes;
  • health care crimes, including Medicare fraud, automobile insurance fraud, the over-prescription of opioid painkillers, and Anti-Kickback statute;
  • fraud involving money laundering and money transmitting operations, including Bitcoin exchanges, cryptocurrency operations, and unlawful money transmitting businesses;
  • banking crimes, including bank fraud, embezzlement, anti-money laundering & Bank Secrecy Act violations, and export control and trade sanctions violations;
  • financial fraud, including Ponzi schemes, consumer fraud, investment fraud, government procurement and benefits fraud, False Claims Act violations, and real estate fraud;
  • criminal antitrust matters, including bid rigging and price-fixing schemes;
  • public corruption and labor offenses, including Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations, bribery, kickback schemes, and extortion; and
  • environmental crimes, including crimes relating to large-scale commercial importation and distribution of fish and wildlife; and
  • parallel criminal, regulatory, and civil actions and proceedings.

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