Ideas and innovation are the lifeblood of commerce in the digital age. Every business – from startups to the Fortune 100, from traditional manufacturing companies to high-tech pioneers, from those exploring cutting-edge biopharmaceuticals to those exploring the final frontier of space – must protect its intellectual property in order to succeed. To that end, they must often retain a litigation firm to attack infringing competitors as well as defend against spurious claims that may be asserted as a competitive tactic. In these situations, mediocre law firms are not an option.

Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht LLP has the experience, technical knowledge, and take-no-prisoners aggressiveness to protect the entire range of your intellectual property rights. These rights come in many forms. Patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and publicity rights all require protection. The trial lawyers at Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht LLP have deep experience successfully litigating every kind of intellectual property – on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants. We have played leading roles in some of the highest-risk and most hotly contested intellectual property disputes ever litigated, including cases such as Apple v. Samsung and Trust Company of the West v. Gundlach.

We have litigated for some of the world’s largest corporations and against some of the biggest, most prominent law firms. No case is too tough for us, no opponent too big.

But it is not just our experience and talent that differentiate us. Our work is driven by innovation. It’s our lethal advantage. Successfully litigating an intellectual property dispute requires a combination of technical expertise and courtroom prowess, but if these advantages are not seamlessly combined within a coherent strategic litigation plan, victory is unlikely. So many firms fail here because their technical experts and trial lawyers do not communicate and work together effectively. We are different.

Our collaborative law firm culture, recognized in such publications as Forbes and Law360, provides you with a unified team that misses no issue, exploits every opportunity, and achieves victory in this most crucial business arena.

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