Data breaches are ubiquitous. The digital economy increasingly exposes clients to unprecedented cybersecurity data privacy risks associated with client’s collection, use and disclosure of sensitive information about their customers, employees, and counterparts. Cybersecurity threats have become more sophisticated as nation states, quasi-state actors, and hacker collectives attack corporations of all sizes, governments and their institutions, critical infrastructure, family offices and high net worth individuals, resulting in in billions of dollars in damage, lost productivity, and tarnished reputations. Meanwhile, a complex, fragmented regulatory framework and global litigation have forced businesses to think strategically about cyber threats to effectively compete in today’s economy.

Pierce Bainbridge brings a multidisciplinary approach to clients who use information to drive revenue. We have extensive expertise in financial services, healthcare and life sciences, consumer protection, intellectual property and technology, and litigation. We customize teams with deep experience in these areas to address your specific issues. We refuse to have our clients remain in a defensive crouch, and instead focus on helping you use cybersecurity and data protection to gain a competitive advantage to your peers, limit loss of money and resource, and protect your reputation.

Denver G. Edwards

Thomas C. Frongillo
Jonathan A. Sorkowitz
Thomas D. Warren

Andrew Calderón

E. Jon A. Gryskiewicz