Dangerfield Awarded Attorneys’ Fees and Costs from Successful Anti-SLAPP Motion

Last Monday, Pierce Bainbridge attorneys Amman Khan and Janine Cohen attained a substantial award of attorneys’ fees and costs in the latest win on behalf of our client, Joan Dangerfield, widow of the beloved comedian, Rodney Dangerfield.

This win comes as a result of a previous victory reported in August 2019. To recap, Pierce Bainbridge represents Joan Dangerfield in a suit she filed against Rockdome, Inc., Rockdome’s CEO Steve Fox, former AIG executive Peter McMillan III and his company Willowbrook Capital Group, for defrauding her out of an investment valued at over 40 million dollars.

In 2019, Rockdome filed a retaliatory countersuit against Ms. Dangerfield alleging two separate breaches of fiduciary action stated as one cause of action for an unrelated transaction. The current CEO of Rockdome had known about the transaction since April of 2015, however, he waited until after Ms. Dangerfield brought her claim against Rockdome in 2019 to make these allegations.

Pictured is Joan Dangerfield (left, photo by Cherie Steinberg) widow of Rodney Dangerfield (right).

Pictured is Joan Dangerfield (left, photo by Cherie Steinberg) widow of Rodney Dangerfield (right).

Our legal team on the case, led by Amman Khan, hit the ground running. They filed an anti-SLAPP motion to expose this claim for what it really was – a perverse, disingenuous and untimely counterclaim attacking Dangerfield’s rights to petition the courts for redress and designed to try and force our client into dropping her suit.

The anti-SLAPP motion was granted, in part, under the Code of Civil Procedure Section 425.16 which defends Ms. Dangerfield’s freedom of expression and freedom to petition the courts for redress while simultaneously striking down Rockdome’s claim.

When an anti-SLAPP motion is granted, the prevailing party is entitled to fees. And this is exactly what Janine Cohen and Amman Khan successfully accomplished in court on last Monday. The Court awarded Ms. Dangerfield 95% of the attorney’s fees and costs she sought in relation to the anti-SLAPP motion.

Pierce Bainbridge is very happy with this outcome and very proud of our team leading the charge. While the team expects that Rockdome will try to appeal the decision, we are confident that the formidable duo of Khan and Cohen will uphold the Court’s ruling.

The ongoing battle continues in the original complaint filed on behalf of Ms. Dangerfield, but by having this meritless countersuit thrown out, we are steadily moving forward in the right direction.

This is another exemplary case demonstrating Pierce Bainbridge’s willingness to charge the battlefield for our clients, vindicate their rights, and win back what is rightfully theirs at the earliest stages of a lawsuit.

To read more about the complaint and the previous post about this victory, check out our last update here.

Joan Dangerfield v. Rockdome Corporation et al., No. BC709613, in the Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles, Central District

Photo by Owen CL on Unsplash